Organic Grass Fed Angus

Our Neighbor's Farm

It's Sunrise Here at Neighbor's Farm

Where Agriculture is a way of life. It’s a family oriented lifestyle; passed down from generation to generation and nurtured with tender loving care.

We were brought up to recognize quality and are committed to it. It’s a matter of family honor.


Our Stock Is From The Best Bloodlines

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Good Stewards

The Land Is Our Heritage: We're Dependent On It

Soil and Water Conservation is our family’s bread and butter. There is a symbiotic relationship between the cows (who are ungulates) and the environment. Without careful management, things get out of balance. The health of the vegetation depends on the health of the soil and the health and wellbeing of the cows is related to the health of the graze.

Sunrise at Maw-Maw's

Grandma passed away in 2006 and we still miss her. At one time we had four generations living on the farm at one time. She had an old orchard beside her house and we planted a few fruit trees there in her memory. They have grown well and are starting to bear fruit. Quiet time here at the farm gives us a chance to reflect on the seasons and cycles of life. And we feel our gratitude deeply.

The Legend of Big Bob

Big Bob was one of the largest bulls we ever had; in fact, he’s the largest terrestrial animal I’ve ever laid eyes on. He was also one of the gentlest. He kept watch over the entire herd from the shade of a pine tree at the top of a central hill.

One day, when Bob had grown quite old, he disappeared and did not return. We all knew it was due to the inevitable but we couldn’t help but miss him after all those years.

Some evenings, just about dusk-dark you can still see a shadow of Big Bob underneath the pine tree, keeping a watch over things.